Friday, June 15, 2012

El Paso Homes TV

They don’t show up with big trailers full of lighting and sound equipment. No RVs for the stars or makeup people. No catered lunches on the set. As a matter of fact they look like any other people out looking at homes on any given day. But when all is said and done the quality of the work done by Christopher Jones of New Hero Productions makes El Paso Homes TV look like a big time Hollywood production.
El Paso Homes TV is a production of First Choice Realty headed up by Rene Gonzalez, a REALTOR® and Rick Snow the Broker for First Choice Realty. Rene is a life-long El Paso resident and Rick is an Army transplant coming to El Paso in 1999 for his final assignment before retiring from the Army in 2003. They met in 2006 and came up with the idea for the show in 2009.
El Paso Homes TV is a 30 minute show about El Paso real estate that currently airs on KVIA Channel 7. “The focus”, says Gonzalez,” is on new home builders in El Paso and on buyer education. The builders that are showcased get a segment on the show where we discuss their building techniques, floor plans and special incentives they may be offering at the time. We also have a segments dedicated to informing buyers about things like finding a mortgage or home inspections.”
“We try to make sure the show is entertaining as well as informative”, says Snow.” We have a good time with it. When we describe a builder’s product we try to hone in on benefits to the buyer as opposed to the features of the homes. People don’t buy ceiling fans and granite counters, they buy things that affect their lifestyle. So we describe the way the house flows or how the family members are able to interact with each other through design features.”
Various sponsors are integrated throughout the show to create a finished production that flows together almost like a story instead of like a commercial. Initially some resale homes were included but over time the emphasis was focused on the builders. The show has evolved into more of a storyline now. They are following a couple through the home buying process and viewers will get to watch them all the way through to closing. “It’s a way to get viewers to come back and watch next episode. Let’s face it, since we don’t have car chases or things blowing up we have to come up with different ways to get people coming back”, says Jones.
El Paso Homes TV provides an affordable marketing message to the consumer for new home builders that simply hasn’t been tapped into before in this way. It provides an opportunity for people to see and experience their homes before they come out and look in person. Rick and Rene aren’t stopping there either. They currently host a 1 hour radio show each Saturday from 11-noon on KHRO 1150 AM and will be launching a Spanish version soon. For more information visit

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