Friday, August 03, 2007

North East Development

We'll hold off on the official congratulations to Hunt Communities until after the final City Council approval, but it appears that the planned unit development in the North East will be started in the near future. Hunt will add this to several other development projects going on in El Paso.

The selection of a local company to be the master developer for the project is, I believe, a testament to the maturity and growth of El Paso. The El Paso Association of Home Builders should also be pleased that a local company, that will continue to support other local builders through subcontracting, has won the bid. A project of this magnitude that can be bid on and won by local business shows that El Paso isn't just a little hick town on the edge of Texas. No longer will we be the stepchild of the rest of the state.

The North East project, the Medical school, the outlet mall, what's next? How about our sister city's selection as the top maquilladora center in Mexico. This helps El Paso as well since many of the top management in the maquillas buy homes in El Paso.

Even though everyone's talking about a housing slump, the future of El Paso real estate looks bright to me.

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